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Litter collection made easy
Clean up litter and fallen leaves using the safe, hygienic and quick method for public places and private spaces:
  • verges and road sides
  • pavements, sidewalks and streets
  • market areas
  • parks
  • recreation areas
  • amenity sites
  • tips and landfill sites
  • racecourses
  • sports stadiums
  • landfill site perimeter fences
  • outdoor concert and performance areas

Let Goode Equipment supply you with our latest

The Maxi Litter collector is self contained.
It is versatile and can moved between different vehicles
The long hose, up to 50 metres, enables the operator to reach areas on both sides of the Maxi       Large suction hose 200mm (8")diameter
The Maxi Litter Collector can be used with
  • SSV Refuhood, Derby bodied vehicles
  • Refuse Collection vehicles
  • Refuse Compactor vehicles
  • Pick-ups
  • Road or agricultural trailers
  • Trailer with removable 1100litre Wheelie Bins
  • 300HD Goode Grassland Cleaners and Beach Cleaners
        The Maxi Litter Collector is often fitted between the cab and the body so that tipping is quick and easy. The Maxi can also be fitted on roll - off bodies.
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